Monday, 7 February 2011

Quick Foray into the Conclave of Four Winds

I know I know, I'm casual, I don't have time to raid… I've said it before and what did I go and do?....

Sunday evening is one of the nights my guild raids, normally I have family commitments on a Sunday evening so am not about until after they've started, this particular Sunday however I was at a loose end and when the GM started putting the raid together I whispered my normal "here if you're desperate" now I normally do this if I know I'm going to be about, as I know from experience how frustrating it is to be sat in a raid group waiting to fill the final one or two slots, fully expecting not to be needed. To my amazement they were obviously REALLY desperate and asked me to come fill the final slot. I did make sure they understood that I had no clue what I was doing, only having had a cursory scan over the raid guides and had done absolutely nil preparation.

So I logged onto Vent and off I popped to the Conclave of Four Winds. "After a quick conversation of this is what I think I need to do, is that right?" I was assured that all I needed to do was kill things and follow the group I'd been positioned with, this left me feeling a little uneasy as it didn't really give me a feeling of what to expect. Anyway we began, and the first thing which struck me was how straight forward it was, verging on easy. A little bit of crap on the floor, nothing too difficult on the adds front, just melt the boss then skip across to the next platform and repeat. I can see this fight being a bit of a pain for a PUG or any other group without voice communications, but with everyone on Vent it was pretty straight forward.

For those not familiar with the fight there are three bosses, Anshal, Nezir and Rohash, each of them on its own platform, having a special 'ultimate' ability which activate together when their energy bars hit 90. The twist being that all three of the boss' need to die within 1 minute of each other or they'll reset to 100% health. The trick to the raid is to have as many people as possible on Nezir's platform for the ultimate ability, he splits his ability evenly between all the people on the platform so the more people there the less deadly it is. He's stacks a nasty frost debuff so if you go to early you die, if you go too late other die. That's pretty much it, it strikes me that the Healers and Tanks have to communicate well, but there are far harder heroic bosses.

We wiped the first time, I think one of the tanks died, but the second time was straight forward, a bit of thinking on the fly by the raid leader to get more DPS onto Rohash, to kill him off at the same time as others, all in all not a bad way to spend 30 minutes of a Sunday evening, I'm sure it was so straightforward due to the competence of the other 24 people in the raid. I can happily say I didn't die, or do anything too stupid which took healers mana, though I did miss the first bridge to Nezir's platform. All a bit of a blur, and I can't say I fully got to grips with what was going on till after the raid and I got time to read up on what I'd just done and understand it, instructions on Vent saw me through safely and on the grounds I did reasonable dps (for me) and didn't die stupidly it was objective achieved.

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