Thursday, 10 February 2011

Go Forth and Reforge

I'd like to state up front, these stat priorities are quite probably slightly out for tier 11 as it seems simlecraft is a bit buggy, but it's the best we've got at the moment

I'd also like to say that, like normal, if your gear is different then the stat weights will be different – this seems especially so since 4.0.6 as Haste and Mastery seem to swap over in importance as your gear improves.

I've stolen referenced the information here from a number of sources across the web, it's a combination of what people are saying with what I know not to be correct, the sources are generally good and I trust them, however it may not be fully correct.

Stat weights

Intellect 1.00
Spellpower 0.79
Spirit/Hit 0.43 (before hit cap)
Mastery 0.43
Haste 0.40
Crit 0.39


The rotation shouldn't change really if you were doing it right before 4.0.6 hit, Mind Blast has obviously had a bit of a buff so you'll want to cast it as soon as you can (providing you have an orb up).

Hit Cap

That's right, there now seems to be a hit cap, as I suspected due to the changes to Mastery it now means things hit harder thus the knock on effect is that it's more efficient to make sure you hit first time; go forth and reforge!

For heroics only it's 6%

For raiding you'll want 17%

I'm told PvP is 4% but I haven't dabbled at all in it since I returned to WoW so haven't done much reading on the subject

Reforging, Gemming and Enchanting

Obviously you want to be aiming for more hit if you weren't hit capped previously, you need to start removing those Mastery to Haste reforges that you've had on your gear per 4.0.6. Gems and Enchants need to follow the stat weightings, be careful to take into account socket and meta gem activation bonuses when doing so. You may have noticed that all of the secondary stats have levelled out somewhat in importance, so even if you get it wrong, you shouldn't make too much of a dent in your DPS (that's not to say you shouldn't try and do it right in the first place).


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