Thursday, 13 January 2011

Expanding Horizons

So TBC arrived, and passing the occasional eye over the old guilds forums I couldn’t help but get just a little bit excited at the prospect of the first major upgrade to the World of Warcraft.  Eventually I caved in, bought the expansion and took a look around.  By the time I got online most of the guys from the guild had hit 70 and were well on their way to raiding.  Coming to the party late, and not really having the time, or the inkling to put the time in to get heroic gear (let’s face it, much of TBC was a bit, well, pants), I didn’t see much of the raid content.  My raiding experience was limited to helping out where the guild was short, and running the odd heroic, but mainly soloing.  From memory dual specialisation didn’t exist at this point, so for the first time I ended up playing a shadow priest, as for the first time they didn’t completely suck, Blizzard had changed the game so that classes which could heal didn’t have to heal, and I couldn’t really cut it as a healer, so decided I could do less damage as DPS (quite literally some might say). So after a few months of not really enjoying the expansion as much as I remembered I gave up again.

Onward to Wrath of the Lich King, this time I had a quieter spell at work coinciding with the release, and by pure coincidence the week off work at the same time as the game hit the shelves.  This time, Blizzard seemed to have focused more on the casual gamer, and with the introduction of dual specs I was able to do a bit of healing which I enjoyed far more but still focused on shadow.  Staying around a little longer, but still primarily casual I managed to work my way through most of the content taking both the Priest Mage, and new Death Knight to level 80, at about this time the job started to get busy again so my third stint on the side lines began.

So there we have it, Cataclysm comes along and a week or two later I’m downloading the new client “just in case” I get chance to spend some time playing over the Christmas period.  I’ll save penning first impressions for the train tomorrow morning.

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